Gabriel de Lys - Maison de Haute Maroquinerie Française - Collection 2017

Gabriel De Lys - Une marque de Haute Maroquinerie Française Gabriel de Lys

Gabriel de Lys est une maison de maroquinerie à la Française. Une maison nouvelle, mais nourrie de racines et de traditions pour vous surprendre et suspendre le temps.

Forgée de l’esprit Grand Siècle, la maison puise son inspiration dans l’excellence Française, le style 18 ème qui fit rayonner les artisans, l’audace et le style d’une nation toute entière. Les codes esthétiques, les collections, la signature même de la Maison, héritent d’une histoire fastueuse et unique.


Driven by a contemporary ingenuity, Gabriel de Lys also knows how to transpose this heritage into all the requirements of modernity. Original creations, personalization, ergonomics, design and trends are reinventing resolutely fashion and couture accessories.

Gabriel de Lys is finally a luxury house, in the noblest tradition of French craftsmanship. Our tanners, hardware suppliers and craftsmen, extend virtuoso know-how of perfection, in both gestures and materials. Entirely designed and produced in France, our collections guarantee high standards, ethics and high added value.

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Parisian showroom

Gabriel de Lys store

We are so excited to announce you that the Parisian Gabriel de Lys store will welcome you from beginning og 2019. You could come and see the next collection and we could assist you about your special orders. 


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